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Cookie Armageddon

All 3rd Party Plugins Disabled

Privacy Protectors like Ghostery allow users to block 3rd party cookies on their browsers - which inevitably disables all 3rd party plugins on a website. These include advertising, promotions, analytics and personalisation as we can see in the below animation - a veritable Cookie Armageddon!
Privacy Protector disables 3rd party plugins

Major Revenue Streams Blocked

Most commercial websites are impacted by privacy protectors as they use numerous 3rd party plugins to serve up essential revenue-generating functions, the most common being advertising. Daily Mail for instance has 30+ plugins on some pages, and when privacy is applied, the major revenue streams are blocked off. The following 40 second video illustrates the consequences of delivering a website in this manner.

Unified Digital Front-End Solution

The obvious solution to this challenge is to serve up all your commercial functions natively within the core website. The Affino Social Commerce Platform is a complete and unified digital front-end which encompasses all the functionality you need run a digital business. As Affino delivers everything seamlessly and natively, privacy protectors have no impact on its range of functions.

For more information on Cookie Armageddon, contact our CCO Jonathan Collins on +44 (0)20 3393 3240 or
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